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Welcome to 4 Churrascaria

Founded in 2006, the Churrascaria Division at Promos4sale.com, LLC is the premier supplier of Churrascaria Branded Products in the United States.

Our brands and partners are amongst the best known and most respected in the industry, such as:
Hospitality Mints, Astor Chocolate, Flamingo Paper, Hoffmaster, Libbey, Zippo, Bic Graphics, 3M, Post-it, Leeds, Cross, Kenneth Cole, Logomark, Menu Solutions, Happy Chefs, Edward Garment, Harriton, Port Authority, Van Heusen, Lacoste, Cutter & Buck, Nike, Adidas, Wolfmark, Calvin Klein, North Face, Columbia, Placemat Store, American Metalcraft, Scheer Churrasqueiras, to name a few.

Who we are

We saw an opportunity and we decided to join forces, experience and knowledge to make a difference at the “World of Churrascarias”.

Our partners at Promos4sale.com are truly dedicated to what we call “World of Churrascarias”.

We had the opportunity to work inside and with the best Churrascarias in the USA, learning and leaving the daily challenges of the service, training processes, marketing and management.

We learned how to make the best choices about everything: from the restaurant appearance and presentation, to the refined way a server must approach a table, to the immaculate wine selection to be displayed, to the mouthwatering salad selections, to how tender & delicate each specific meat needs to be sliced at the correct temperature, and so on.
We also learned how and where to purchase the highest quality products at fair prices, when to hire and how to train the best staff. We made choices on how to advertise a brand, and keep the engine flowing.

We understand these choices are a big commitment to your business, and we are here to make them a little easier on you.

As the majority of you already know, we are your partner and we work hard so we both can succeed.

Very true: our growth depends on your success.

We understand you are not just another “corner restaurant” or “hot dog joint” getting the same generic non-personal attention from the large Food Service brands available in the market.

You are a partner and we’ll celebrate together all your achievements.

A great Churrascaria is always seeking for good ways to provide the best possible experience to customers, at every visit. Certainly, this is what makes a difference.

INNOVATION inspired by YOU

Every inspired idea, every invention and industry, started with an extraordinary moment.
A big bang.
A meeting of minds.
A merging of futures.



We work with the very best, so we can deliver excellence in service and products.


A great Churrascaria is always seeking for good ways to provide the best possible experience to customers, at every visit.

Certainly, this is what makes a difference.

You can count on us. We are always here to help.